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    GEPSA, service integrator

    GEPSA allows its clients to focus on their core business

    By delegating to GEPSA the management of multi-service facilities and multitechnological services at their most sensitive sites, either in whole or in part, our clients are able to optimize their operations and their results. The services entrusted to GEPSA are all subject to contractual performance indicators that guarantee the quality of the services provided.

    With more than 30 years’ experience in Facility Management for sensitive sites and two ISO certifications under its belt (ISO 9001 since 2007 and ISO 14001 since 2013), GEPSA offers its clients organizational and managerial processes specific to each site, while guaranteeing a uniform quality of service across all sites. To achieve this, GEPSA places a Site Manager at each site. Permanently present on the client’s premises, the Site Manager’s role is to coordinate and manage all services, whether subcontracted or provided by GEPSA, ensuring compliance with the specifications, budget and set performance indicators.

    GEPSA provides and manages the following services, in part or in whole