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  • Storekeeper distributor

    Working at the « canteen », which is just like a supermarket inside the prison, a GEPSA storekeeper distributor is responsible for delivering food and other products ordered by detainees to their cells.
    In this context, he/she also supervises assistant detainees (detainees wishing to work and authorized to do so by the Penitentiary Administration and GESPA employment consultants), helping out with order preparation and deliveries.

    Working as a GEPSA storekeeper is very much like working in a supermarket: the job demands skills in stock management and food hygiene.

    The qualities of a GEPSA storekeeper distributor

    1. Teaching ability
    2. Ability to organize
    3. Team spirit
    4. Self-possessed/skilled at stress management and conflict management
    5. Rigorous
    6. IT skills
    7. Versatile

    A few career prospects

    1. Canteen service manager
    2. Hospitality servce manager
    3. Foreman