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  • Multi-purpose driver

    A GEPSA multi-purpose driver plays a crucial role in liaison with the penitentiary administration, transporting detainees (to hospitals or other correctional facilities) and/or transporting merchandise related to the manufacturing activities. He/she is also responible for monitoring and maintaining the fleet of vehicles and for regulatory checks.
    The GEPSA multipurpose driver must hold C (Truck) and D (Public Transport) licenses as well as a compulsory minimum basic training (FIMO) certificate.

    Aside from driving duties, the multipurpose driver is called on to lend a hand with other services including minor maintenance works (upkeep of green areas, plumbing, etc.).

    Qualities of a GEPSA multipurpose driver

    1. Availability
    2. Self/possessed/Stress management
    3. Service-oriented
    4. Team spirit
    5. Versatile

    A few career prospects

    1. Maintenance technician
    2. Storekeeper distributor
    3. Foreman