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  • Foreman

    A GEPSA foreman is responsible for the supervision of assistant detainees (detainees wishing to work and authorized to do so by the Penitentiary Administration and the GEPSA employment consultants) at work in the manufacturing workshops.
    In this “small company” within the company, manufacturing work puts foremen in touch with external clients from various sectors of industry (agri-food, pharmaceutical, electrical engineering, stationery) who wish to outsource part of their manufacturing process at a lower cost.

    The three watchwords for a GEPSA foreman are the following :

    • Train (teaching assistant detainees operational methods)
    • Manage
    • Control (checking the finished product fulfills specifications, ensuring that quality standards are met).

    The qualities of a GEPSA foreman

    1. Teaching ability
    2. Ability to motivate people and bring them together
    3. Team spirit
    4. Ability to organize
    5. Rigorous, demanding quality
    6. Self-possessed

    A few career prospects

    1. Manufacturing workshop manager
    2. Hospitality servce manager