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  • QWL Policy

    At GEPSA, we believe the Quality of Worklife (QWL) concerns everybody

    So that everyone comes to work with peace of mind, so that everyone is proud to belong to GEPSA

    For us, QWL (Quality of Worklife) is, above all, about feeling fulfilled at work: feeling that your everyday work is appreciated, being able to progress according to your own wishes and aspirations, developing your skills while preserving a private life/worklife balance, and working in a caring environment.

    This means that QWL is everywhere around us and that each person can contribute to it. Obviously, our employees are not the only ones working on this.

    GEPSA has made QWL one of its priorities by making it part of its business plan.

    In a rapidly-changing industry, with increasingly demanding customers and a sensitive work environment, the company has chosen to make QWL a top priority, so that everyone comes to work with peace of mind; so that everyone is proud to represent GEPSA.

    To help steer the company in this direction, a work group composed of employees from diverse backgrounds has been tasked with implementing tangible, innovative initiatives to foster QWL development.

    In 2017, GEPSA also launched the QWL week, held on the company’s premises.

    This QWL week is full of socialising initiatives and powerful team-building moments (osteopathy sessions, conference about sleep, introduction to sphrology, escape game, “step in my shoes” visits between different service areas, etc.).
    Additionally, the week strengthened the bond between GEPSA employees and our client’s teams, who were also invited.

    Officials from the Penitentiary Administration were also invited to a buffet and given the chance to participate in some of the activities related to well-being at work.