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  • Our values

    People at the heart of our operations

    GEPSA believes in putting people right at the heart of its operations

    Providing services in sensitive sites is not just a matter of technicality and expertise. It is primarily a matter of human relationships and attitude: that’s why GEPSA believes in putting people first.

    One of GEPSA’s core values is a service-oriented attitude: GEPSA employees, working in sensitive locations and sometimes delicate contexts, undertake to act in accordance with the client’s constraints and prerogatives and provide loyal and effective service.

    The company also commits to an overall policy of social and environmental responsibility, and this policy manifests itself in a multitude of complementary ways. GEPSA has held the ISO 14 001 certification for environmental management since 2013. This standard bears witness to the environmentally-friendly quality of each of the company’s operations and services. It was renewed in spring 2018.

    It’s a commitment that manifests itself on a daily basis, taking the form of initiatives that reduce the energy footprint of the company’s operations, such as :

    Through its workshops, training courses and job market integration activities, GEPSA promotes equal opportunities. By guiding, training and supporting the individuals under its care, treating them with respect and without discrimination, GEPSA contributes to the social inclusion of vulnerable people.

    GEPSA has proven expertise and experience in Facility Management for sensitive sites. To help maintain its level of excellence and meet client requirements, GEPSA has an Integrated Management System (IMS), a truly valuable tool for steering its internal organization and monitoring the quality of its services.
    This tool pulls together the whole set of requirements GEPSA must satisfy, both from clients and from the applicable regulations. In addition, through continuous improvement fuelled by feedback and customer expectations, SMI continuously optimizes the company’s job processes and internal organization.

    Driven by a Health and Safety Environment Quality Policy, this system is used by all GEPSA employees, in both operational and functional activities.

    For nearly 30 years, GEPSA has been helping its oldest customers deal with far-reaching changes and developments in the industry. The capacity for innovation is one of the company’s – and its employees’ – greatest strengths. It’s what has enabled GEPSA to adapt to the ever-changing, ever-increasing challenges of the market.
    GEPSA is constantly on the lookout for innovative, modern ideas to address the needs of its clients.

    GEPSA also benefits from Groupe ENGIE’s drive for innovation and all the initiatives implemented under this topic: Innovation Week and Innovation Trophies, internal incubator, presence at VivaTech since 2016 with a gathering of innovative start-ups in this sector…

    GEPSA employees, as professionals in their jobs, implement ethical business practices and adopt impeccable business conduct. These ethical practices are founded on:

    Compliance of actions with laws and regulations

    and integrity


    for others

    GEPSA condemns and sanctions any conduct not based on these principles. Similarly, GEPSA is opposed to unfair competition and promotes transparency towards its customers, employees and shareholders.

    Code of Ethics

    As a subsidiary of ENGIE, GEPSA applies the Group’s code of ethics. Every GEPSA employee receives this charter as an appendix to his/her employment contract. By accepting it, employees undertake to adhere to an exemplary and irreproachable code of conduct.